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With cameras essentially in everyone’s pocket, the majestic cloud that I still don’t understand but can basically digitally store your entire life and an abundance of social media platforms to display photos, pretty much everyone in 2016 is their very own, personal photographer and archiver. From smartphones to Instagram, and everything in between, technology has changed the way we consume and archive pictures. Gone are the days of waiting an hour for photos taken on a disposable Kodak to be printed in order to place them in photo albums – that’s an antiquated ritual we’ve long outgrown. However, Lumii has repurposed what it means to print out photos with a very 2016 mindset. One word: holograms.

That’s right – Lumii has developed technology that allows anyone to print full colored holograms from a regular inkjet printer. The resulting products are referred to as “light field prints,” and they resemble 3D colored holograms that would normally require special lenses and materials to create. By producing 3D scans of a person’s face, Lumii’s Light Field Engine converts these into special patterns that are layered, stacked and printed on top of each other in front of a backlight in order to create a 3D light field print that emits a multi-view light field (aka it’s a hologram). These realistic, high-resolution depth images are displayed in the native format of the human brain.

Lumii is currently touting their impressive technology at Siggraph 2016, where they are gifting attendees with “selfie” souvenirs of 3D light field prints they print out using an Epson inkjet printer. With this tech, Lumii’s main goal is developing the first commercial light field display engine and a web interface that allows designers to create their own light field prints. They’ve already got an Alpha demo available to try on their website. To print out your very own hologram, upload a 3D model and watch Lumii’s Light Field Engine convert it into hologram magic. Who knows in a few years, Lumii might progress its technology to the point where you too can duet with your own hologram, just like Celine Dion!

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