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When it comes to smartphone photography, there isn’t much our pocket buddies can’t pull off or accomplish these days, especially for the casual, selfie-taking photographer. Still, there are always improvements to be made. For example, those who want to capture some HD nighttime photography or create their very own one night in Paris with their smartphones have been out of luck…until now, that is. Danish electronics company Lumigon has launched their Lumigon T3 smartphone, the world’s first smartphone with a built-in HD, night vision camera.

For all you spec nerds, the Lumigon T3 smartphone is equipped with a 4MP infrared camera with dual IR flash that enables the phone to essentially see in the dark and employ night vision to capture high-def photos and videos. This camera lens is located on the back of the phone in addition to a standard 13MP camera with dual tone flash, while a 5MP front camera comes equipped with its very own flash as well. Front or back, Lumigon T3 is able to record 4K video from each of its three cameras, while the 13MP rear camera can shoot 120fps slow-motion footage and possesses a phase detection AF system.

Beyond its impressive three camera options, the Lumigon T3 smartphone also possesses universal IR remote control, wireless charging, BackTouch touch sensitivity on the phone’s rear that controls functions displayed on its front screen, dual SIM slots and a 360-degree fingerprint sensor. Water and dust resistant, the durable stainless steel body is composed of sturdy Gorilla glass. Those interested in getting a leg up on their smartphone photography with night vision capabilities can purchase the Lumigon T3 (available in white, black and orange) on Lumigon’s website for roughly $740. For the truly big spender, there’s also a 24K gold version available for $1200. Get ready to snap the night away with Lumigon T3.

Lumigon T3

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