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Nothing screams nostalgia like a 90s arcade console.

Vintage gaming systems are now a lost art and have been replaced with personal platforms, like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 4.

Individuals who are looking for a quick break from the daily grind may not always benefit from a fully immersive game with a deep storyline. Smartphone apps are great for such healthy distractions, but what if you want to dive into timeless classics like Battleship and Duke Nukem 3D?

Vintage, Face-to-Face Gaming

Thanks to a Gothernburg-based tech craftsman, Love Hultén, you can now engage in two-player arcade duels using Battlecade. The briefcase-style platform forces you to face your opponent like the good ol’ days.

“Conceptual arcade console for two players, inspired by classic board games like Battleship,” reads the description on Hultén’s website.

“Instead of the classic side-by-side setup, you and your opponent sit facing each other. With a mid section including two 12-inch LCD monitors, neither of you can see the other’s game strategy. It has built in storage for quick access to accessories like power supply and detachable joysticks. When not in use, the console in three sections folds into a convenient carrier.”

A closer look at the sleek design shows a very sturdy American walnut body. You can setup the portable console on any flat surface. There are three hinged sections that keep the screens closed during transport.

The traditional gaming pad features retro joysticks (the ones with a round, black handle). Six configurable buttons let you punch frustratingly away at each move as you watch your opponent succumb to defeat (you literally can, since you’re sitting in front of each other).


Where Can I Get One?

Hultén’s creations won’t be hitting retail stores any time soon. Each machine is painstakingly handcrafted, making them expensive and very limited. If you’re a collector or gaming hobbyist with deep pockets, you can get one for $2,900-$4,200.

At that price range, you could have one made, which could take a few labor-intensive months, or make one yourself (no guarantees it will come out looking like Hultén’s masterpieces). The artist is open to commission-based agreements for individuals who absolutely need to have one in their home or office. Other gaming units on the website offer the same classic, retro-style theme. They vary in sizes and controller-to-monitor layouts.


Flawless Design and Inspiration

With the release of the quirky vintage machines, the Swedish designer aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be replicated with today’s flashy, modern consoles.

According to his online bio, the artistic innovator takes interest in breathing life into everyday objects that most people overlook on a daily basis:

“With delicate execution and mystique, Hultén aims to breathe life into objects and create unique stories, leaving the viewer in a state of curiosity and fascination. Playing with values – the social, cultural and historical relations to objects we all share, he tears the consensual connections apart and provide a new context, suggesting a different perspective on how to relate and interact with objects.”

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