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Can’t get enough of that easy-breezy beach life? Now you can bring the experience with you anywhere using Chilli Island.


Reinventing Island Lounging

Created by a Vienna-based firm, the electric lounge pod is a pedal boat-sized watercraft with modern features. The shell-shaped vessel, which measures 8.2 x 7.4 feet, fits two people with plenty of elbow room to stretch out like a beached whale.

Weighing roughly 440 lbs, you can rest easy knowing that light waves won’t topple the pod over. Aboard the craft, leaf-themed shade protection will prevent you from roasting under the intense midday heat, with an cover for sunbathers working on their tans.

“Innovative, modern and unique design merged into one product to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable experience on the water! Be prepared for a revolution,” reads the description on the brochure. “CHILLI ISLAND is ready to weigh its anchor and set sail into new waters. It‘s time for a change from the old-fashioned pedal boat to a stylish electric floating device.”

Under the hood, you can find a reliable 0.5 or 1-kW motor, depending on the model you’re using. The floating craft isn’t designed to blaze through the water. Instead, you’ll be cruising around slowly at manual-pedaling speeds. A responsive trackball within arm’s reach sets the direction and speed of the lounge pad. With a pair of AGM deep cycle batteries, you could stay close to the shore for up to six hours on a full charge.


Drift and Drink the Afternoon Away

The vessel is packed with several features that can help you relax all afternoon. For your drinks, there are bottle coolers situated on the side of the pod. It keeps your beverages cold and safe without the messy fuss of ice packs or coolers.

The island experience isn’t complete without peaceful chill out music. To let the grooves get in, developers installed a Bluetooth sound system with two powerful speakers. You can connect your smartphone to the platform and listen to your favorite lounge tracks wirelessly. A small panel can be found in the middle of the electric lounge pad. The onboard computer allows you to set volume controls for the speakers. From here, you also have the option to monitor battery levels, motor position and speed.


How Can I Get One?

The company offers several customized packages, depending on your outdoor lounging needs. For the Chilli Island Classic base model, which starts at $11,225, users are treated to a sturdy 0.5-kW motor and a 40-watt sound system. Pricing for the top tiers (Light & Sound, and Power & Vision) require a direct inquiry from the website, so God only knows how much dough you’ll have to fork over. Both come with a significant engine and audio system upgrade, as well as underwater camera installments and bright LED lighting for a luminous nighttime experience.

To cater to resorts, the manufacturer encourages businesses to integrate their personal brand with each purchase, with plenty of empty space on the vessel begging to be punched up with a company logo. The lounge pad will certainly catch the attention of people around the beach or lake, so it might be worth looking into this option if you’re looking for buzzworthy ways to advertise your establishment. After all, who wouldn’t want to float around on their own private island?

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