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Forget just fitness tracking – if you want me to fork over a couple hundred bucks on wearable tech, promise me that it’ll keep me looking pretty. That’s sort of the driving idea behind L’Oreal’s “My UV Patch,” the first wearable beauty product. It’s not easy to stand out at a world-renowned tech event like CES, and it’s safe to say that no one was expecting a company like L’Oreal to come in and make headlines. Nevertheless, with a wearable designed to promote skincare, L’Oreal has silently emerged as a dark horse contender for the most buzzworthy reveal of the event thus far.

In an exciting and completely unexpected move, L’Oreal’s “My UV Patch” has dominated the wearable rhetoric at CES by being a product that completely redefines our perception of wearables, and just what all this tech is truly capable of achieving. This smart patch can be placed on any part of the wearer’s body and will track how often you’re exposing your skin to harmful and dangerous UV rays. So, just how does the “My UV Patch” tell you when you might be soaking up just a little too much sun? Technology, of course!

The heart-shaped patch contains photosensitive blue dye that changes colors when exposed to varying amounts of UV rays. When the patch changes color, wearers will be prompted to take a photo of the patch and upload it into L’Oreal’s app, where it will evaluate the image and produce data about what the patch was able to detect when it comes to the safety and protection of your skin. L’Oreal hopes their wearable will make people more conscious about how long they’re exposing themselves to harmful UV rays that could have repercussions on the vitality of their skin, and their overall health.

“The key point is to really understand the amounts of exposure you have, even day-to-day, just going to work, walking outside,” Guive Balooh, global vice president of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator, told Refinery 29. “Having an application won’t tell you that. You need to measure it.” Balooh believes a wearable that automatically absorbs and imparts data on the health and exposure to one’s skin is a better preventative method for diseases like skin cancer, proving to be more full proof than remembering whether or not you applied enough sunscreen, or keeping tabs on just how long you’ve been a beach bum in the sun.

What’s refreshing about L’Oreal’s foray into wearable tech is just how accessible and so anti-tech-establishment their product truly is. By removing away all the hype and fancy bells and whistles that most wearables and tech products shove down consumers’ throats once they hit the market, L’Oreal’s “My UV Patch” stands tall above the tech competition because of the simple fact that it’s essentially just a beauty product trying to keep people healthy and skin conscious by using tech to do so. When it comes to the health of your skin, remember L’Oreal’s motto: you’re worth it.

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