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Finally, accessible virtual reality content for all smartphone users! Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy one of those fancy-pants VR headsets, why not download Vrse, a free app that host virtual reality videos for both iOS and Android users? All you need is your phone and the simple Google Cardboard headset in order to enjoy VR content and videos whenever, wherever. Shakira references aside, Vrse is an exciting prospect, delivering the high-concept of virtual reality tech to the layman, without the need for all that expensive and cumbersome equipment that most virtual reality experiences require.

Full disclosure, Vrse and the VR content it hosts won’t technically give you a full-blown VR experience. However, every video is shot in 360-degree format, giving viewers the experience that they’re encompassed in a complete and expansive virtual environment. Vrse also boasts some quality VR sound, altering the sounds you hear as you look around the virtual world you’ve immersed yourself in. With audio that moves with you as you do, Vrse helps sell the illusion that you’re actually in the world you’re viewing.

The app comes equipped with tons of free video content to get you diving head first, quite literally, into VR content. Some of the offerings include psychedelic visual simulations, animated shorts, documentaries and even stories from the New York Times. Vrse can be accessed both online and via smartphones, and while video content can be watched without accessorizing yourself with a headset, it doesn’t give you the full experience. Google Cardboard is the cheap and easy headset to acquire in order to fully immerse yourself within Vrse, but the app is also compatible with other headsets and Samsung Gear VR. Now you can finally check out what all the hype surrounding VR is about, and for free!

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