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Listen, I try my best in the kitchen. I really do. But I can maybe count on one hand the amount of times I’ve made a meal and thought, “Wow, this is pretty good!” What happens most often is that I try to follow a recipe and end up butchering it beyond recognition, or I try to keep it simple and still manage to screw it all up. I was not blessed with the culinary skills of even Chef Boyardee. A new app called LOAF might be the lifeline I need to not rely on GrubHub so much to, you know, survive.

Short for “love of all food,” LOAF is an app that curates recipes from chefs and bloggers and breaks down the steps in a manageable, easy to follow list of instructions. LOAF lets users browse the latest recipes, offers personalized recommendations based on your palate and lets you search for recipes based on cooking time, caloric count, ingredients and course size. Namely, if there’s something you wanna try to cook, LOAF has got you covered.

When you’ve finally settled on a dish you dare to create like a mad scientist concocting a chemical serum, LOAF will provide a set of instructions that you can swipe away systematically after you complete each and every one. Anyone who’s ever followed a recipe and doesn’t know what the hell it means to julienne a pepper should fret not – LOAF makes the instructions clear, understandable and universal. You don’t have to be a top chef to follow along, though if you want more details, you can load the web page the recipe originates from within the app.

Ingredients will vanish from the screen one by one as you add them, so it’s extremely difficult even for the most forgetful of cooks out there to leave out the all important nutmeg that really brings the dish to life. Once you’ve successfully got the hang of the whole cooking thing with LOAF, you can upload your own recipes and share them with other users. This is for master chefs only, so give yourself some time to build up your skills in LOAF beforehand.

Just in time for making those New Year’s resolutions about eating healthier or ordering take out less and cooking more, LOAF will launch in the U.S. in early 2016. For those of you with lofty cooking ambitions, or those who are just tired of almost burning your kitchen down, LOAF seems to be the perfect solution. One thing LOAF won’t combat is laziness, which if you’re anything like me, is 90 percent of the battle between getting up to cook and pulling up GrubHub on your phone. Try to do yourself a solid and hit the LOAF app once in a while instead.

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