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Like all great partnerships, the two work side by side bolstering each others’ strengths and compensating for their weaknesses in order to create a truly formidable duo that can be counted on to perform greatness: Batman & Robin, Key & Peele, Peanut Butter & Jelly…I could go on. So no matter how unorthodox a pairing like German camera company Leica and Chinese-telecom conglomerate Huawei may seem, the two reputable giants are looking to combine their talents and assist each other in ushering in a new era of smartphone photography.

The two recently announced they would be partnering up for a long-term technology project that aims to reinvent the world of smartphone photography. Leica is a marquee name in the photography and camera industry, while Huawei stands as the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide. With these combined pedigrees, the companies hope that a collaborative teaming of minds and resources can help revolutionize the way millions of people take pictures using their phones.

It’s a huge undertaking, and one that would have a significant impact on photography. Due to the advanced capabilities of many smartphones, most people utilize their phones for the dual purposes of communication and photography, split evenly down the middle. I mean, unless you’re a professional photographer or have an interest in the field, why else would you spring to buy a camera when you have a pretty decent one built right into your phone? By improving and advancing smartphone photography, Leica and Huawei could further change the concept and ability of what can be achieved using smartphones.

“The strategic alliance between Huawei and Leica Camera demonstrates the desire of two rapidly growing and globally active brands to continuously push the envelope of the technologically possible,” said Oliver Kaltner, CEO of Leica Camera. “The technology partnership with Huawei offers Leica Camera an excellent opportunity to introduce its proven optical expertise into a new product segment and to unlock exciting business areas in the field of mobile devices.” It’s rumored that Leica will develop and advance their optical tech for use in next-gen Huawei smartphones, but details are still scarce. Photography buffs will definitely want to watch this space.

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