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iMessage – it’s the crux of every millennial’s existence (well, millennial Apple users, that is). But have you ever wondered just how iMessage works? I mean, after all, for a system that we rely so heavily on and most of us would undoubtedly whither away into nothingness without, I find myself blissfully ignorant to the inner machinations of iMessage, as I’m sure many other people do as well. But fret not, Apple has released a video that not only relies heavily on our other obsession (emojis), but also highlights how iMessage is powered by clean energy.


Ever since Tim Cook took the helm as CEO of Apple, the company has made clean energy a priority. In 2015, a whopping 93 percent of Apple’s energy was derived from some form of renewable energy, including the energy used to send our ever-important iMessages. Tens of billions of iMessages are sent and processed every single day, so just imagine how harmful this ingrained activity would be if it was powered by dirty energy like coal. Thankfully, Apple uses clean, renewable energy to power its data centers, making sending eggplant emojis all day, every day an environmentally friendly activity. Check out the cute, emoji-filled video below to learn more about the 100 percent clean energy behind iMessages.

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