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High times are ahead! TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 featured several out-of-the-box companies with savvy tech solutions to life’s everyday problems. During the event, a new breed of marijuana startups took the stage.

“Disrupt is really mostly for investors, and I think they can no longer ignore investors and their interest in cannabis,” said Brandon Davis, the host of the interview program Investing in Cannabis.

Snoop Dogg previewed his latest venture, a website that exposes individuals to the laid back cannabis culture, from proper weed etiquette to stoner-friendly food. At the other end of the spectrum was Leaf, a group that specializes in personal cannabis cultivation using compact growing houses.


How Does It Work?

The 4×2 growing kit is equipped with everything you need to sustain healthy, potent buds. There is enough space for two full-grown plants to spread their branches and bright leaves. At its full potential, the machine can yield a total of roughly four ounces. Inside the chamber, you’ll find a handful of sensors that measures humidity, pH level, water temperature and height. A camera is also available for real-time monitoring in case you want to check on your green investments in the middle of the night.

The sleek closet has all the makings of a professional kit. It doesn’t look like a homemade project from a High Times tutorial. This is a modern growing machine that can blend in with your office or living room.


Automate Your Farming Skills

Leaf’s system automates the entire growing experience through an app. It will keep you updated on the status of your plants and how much nutrients are left in the cartridge. So instead of being tied down with meticulous check ups, you could tend to your personal commitments confidently, knowing that your plants are always thriving in supreme conditions.


Where Can I Get One?

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the unit, which costs $1,499. Refills for the fertilizer cartridges go for $150. Individuals must have a valid medicinal card and reside in any of the 23 states where medical marijuana is permissible, or any of the four states where it is legal. Shipping is scheduled for summer 2016.


The Rise of Marijuana Startups in Tech

Professionals in the tech space are known to light up the occasional joint or drop a recreational strip of acid to fuel their creative spirits. Steve Jobs and his crew at Apple were very vocal about LSD and its application to innovation. The only difference now is that the lifestyle is more accepted in the community, and businesses are thinking of ways to cater to the upswing in demand.

With that in mind, it was no surprise that the two winners of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt SF battlefield were Agrilyst, a robust data-gathering sensor for indoor growing systems, and Green Bits, a flexible POS system for cannabis retail shops.

“Indoor growers have to worry about each and every growing condition because controlling those growing conditions means being able to control your profits,” highlighted Allison Kopf, CEO and co-founder of Agrilyst.

Leaf’s mini-fridge like design will make casual, indoor marijuana growers look more like seasoned botanists rather than sketchy drug pushers, and that’s certainly a cause to light up for those who may be inclined.

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