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Robots are taking over the way we pay for items, interact with other people, and now, the way we arrange our living or working spacea. Asmbld, a New York-based startup, is currently experimenting with home design automation using underground machines. Before you raise the anti-bot red flag, you should first know that this technology has a lot of potential. It also looks really cool, and we can’t wait to live out our LEGO-building dreams with the system.

How Does This Technology Work?

Firstly, installation starts under the flooring of your home. Robots replace traditional platforms, and the whole process takes roughly the same time it takes to re-floor a living area. The machines run on batteries that require charging when they run out of juice. Like other smart gadgets, this is done through a retrofitted dock.

There are also several key safety features that prevent you from falling into a random hole in the ground. Worker droids that fail to operate are addressed through alerts. Homeowners will know exactly which parts need to be repaired or replaced. To minimize the possibility of damage when moving around heavy pieces, the fleet coordinates with each other by applying a stop-and-go system.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.49.52 PM

“When you’re building a building, there’s coordination, you can’t have the framer, the plumber, the electrician and all of the different contractors working at the same time,” highlighted Bruno Araujo, robotics engineer at Asmbld. “These robots are doing everything at the same time so when you have the structure built, you don’t just have walls, you have electrical conduits, lights and outlets.”

Using the technology, your living room can serve as a relaxing lounge area during weekends, and a professional office on weekdays. Essentially, this completely eliminates the desire for more space. For now, the machine-powered design butler is out of reach for most people. A 500-square foot room costs $12,000, but that figure could go down dramatically if and when the technology hits the mainstream market.


Perfect Solution for Urban Living

Living in a city can be awfully expensive. Rent for apartments and condominiums in urban regions are unreasonably high, forcing many to live in tight spaces. Asmbld’s latest offering, called DOM indoors, is an ideal solution for cost of living burdens due to its ability to add functionality to homes. In addition to saving on rent, you can also cut down on design labor costs. Robots do all the hard work for you, which also reduces injury-related risks.

“Think about a business space where the large conference rooms that are used once a day are the biggest spaces in the building,” said Araujo in an interview with TechCrunch. “Instead of wasting resources for spaces that aren’t useful 100 percent of the time, we can make the space more efficient and save a lot of money in the long term.”

For added convenience, the whole process is controlled remotely, using a smartphone app. You could be at the office tending to clients, or sleeping in the other room while the pre-programmed settings simply take over based on your personal schedule. Remodeling has never looked more easy!

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