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When you think of our northern neighbor of maple goodness, odds are the first two things you associate with them are not fried chicken and technology. Well, KFCs in Canada are staking their claim, ay! To celebrate 60 years of delivering 11 original flavors and spices in a soggy crust incasing some questionable white and dark pieces of chicken in the natural receptacle for golden-fried pieces of cholesterol – a bucket – KFC’s in Canada are trying to get chicken lovers nostalgic and Instagramming their immaculate meals with a Bluetooth photo printing commemorative bucket.

Canadians who love their fast food fried chicken might be the recipients of one of these limited-edition buckets. Dubbed the Memories Bucket, KFC’s venture into the world of the 21st Century is a bucket of chicken that can interface with your phone and connect via Bluetooth, allowing you to take photos on your phone and print them out through the bucket. Before you Canucks rush to your nearest KFC to acquire one of these bad boys, just know, they aren’t for sale in the traditional 10-piece, 8 biscuits family meal variety. The company is apparently going to be giving them away on a limited release basis, making it that much more of a novelty.

In efforts to maintain total poultry domination over the world, KFC has been experimenting all year with incorporating those new-fangled, hi-tech thingamabobs all the young whippersnappers are fawning over these days into their overall greasy mealtime experience. Earlier this year, KFC created a meal tray with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard so customers could text all their friends about their amazing 2-piece dinner meal without getting their phones slick with Crisco and regret.

So if you’re in Canada and oh so love your chicken prepared to fast food standards of perfection by an antiquated colonel with an evil, snow white goatee and perhaps a tinge of latent racism, then be on the lookout for your golden chicken wing telling you that you’re one of the lucky few to take home a Memories Bucket. You’ll be the envy of all your gadget obsessed friends, and you’ll get to bask in your victory with a middling meal of chicken and boxed or canned versions of what passes as a side dish. If that’s not what the American, natch, the Canadian dream stands for, then that much sought after promise is a fallacy.

If you can’t quite wrap your head around the iconic KFC bucket serving as a printer for your next framed family portrait, KFC has got an explanatory video illustrating the revolutionary technology behind its design. After all, it’s just bucket science.

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