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No regrets, just love. Katy Perry is bringing her cotton candy flavored, teenage dream to the masses once again, although this time it won’t be in the form of infectious Top 40 earworms, but rather a mobile video game app starring the California girl herself.

The “Firework” singer must’ve decided she’s a bit bored with topping the album and iTunes charts, and is looking to overtake the App Store chart with “Katy Perry Pop.” Taking to her Instagram account to announce the news to millions of excited Katycats, Perry posted a sneak peek image of herself as a cartoon character in the app, rocking a yellow peace sign brazier and green hair. Oh, were you expecting something duller from the pop star who named her last album “Prism” and turned ancient Egypt into a Crayola-saturated fairytale extravaganza in her “Dark Horse” video?

To get a sense of how spazzed out the app will be, you need only look at the background behind cartoon Katy to get a pretty solid idea of what you might be in for. There are rainbow roads (aka Mario Kart appropriation), disco balls, an appearance by lovable sidekick Left Shark holding a brewski and something that looks like a dancing fried shrimp. Remember when Lady Gaga was the outlandish one until she started singing jazz standards with Tony Bennett? Katy Perry took that right turn as a license to kill, apparently.

Enlisting the help of mobile game developer GLUU to create the wonderland that is sure to be “Katy Perry Pop,” Perry stated on her Instagram that she has been working on this app for more than a year. Between her Prismatic World Tour, awards show appearances and being Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” punching bag, who knows where the pop princess found time to develop her own mobile game. Rest assured though, she’s in good hands. GLUU are the masterminds behind the wildly popular and successful Kim Kardashian mobile game. The developer appears to love turning the lives of pop stars into mobile games, as they’re also working on an app for Britney Spears as well.

Not only will the game include a cute, cartoon version of Katy Perry, but it will also play off the singer’s prolific career and feature her voice as well. The game is said to “introduce players to a digital playground of global success and talent” while guiding them toward their musical dreams. No word yet on what gameplay might look like, but looking to Perry’s discography for inspiration, one could guess there will be levels devoted to kissing girls, recovering from last Friday night and running from extra-terrestrials. “Katy Perry Pop” is expected to be released in early 2016. One can only hope it will be the mobile game version of her Candy Land fantasia “California Gurls” video.

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