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Need a mobile office? Or even just a space to be creative and productive without distractions? Consider the KantoorKaravaan (Dutch for “office caravan”) as an ideal alternative to the traditional cubicle or pricey office space. The beauty of this off-the-grid workplace is that you can work in the sphere of wilderness, but still be connected to the world.

Kantoor-Karavaan-Mobile-Micro-Office-lead-537x443Photo: KantoorKaravaan/Facebook

The pop-up KantoorKaravaan has a composting toilet and solar power so you can still connect to WiFi and make that much needed cup of coffee. The actual mobile workplace consists of several micro-offices as well as food carts and tents. The entire space operates as a desk-sharing service, where users can rent the space. It is a very community-oriented operation so if you can’t foot the bill one month, the creators will allow you to offer services as a form of payment. They will accept your skills in areas such as painting or labor for the caravan or upkeep of the surrounding grounds – all in lieu of cash.

The KantorKaravaan is a project of The Tipping Point Foundation whose mission aims at accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society through various projects or ideas, or as their website reads, “that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” And this office caravan is one heck of an idea that definitely seems to be catching fire. According to Treehugger, they have plans to expand the concept to other countries such as Sweden, Greece, Spain, and right here in the good ol’ USA.

11743010_475553039292525_6870391101565442904_nPhoto: KantoorKaravaan/Facebook

The KantoorKaravaan is tailored made for individuals or groups, and can be retrofitted for any need from workshops and leadership programs to conferences and brainstorming sessions. Co-founder Tom Van de Beek calls the space “the perfect working environment for the modern day nomad.” He also states, “as the community is growing, they’re continuing to convert vintage mobile homes into miro-offices.” The mobile offices are a spinoff of SustainsVille, an older project that was a self-sustaining community of tree houses for cultural creatives.

According to Van de Beek, he built a professional career in the fields of business and development. But now, he crystallised his mission to build sustainable communities across the globe. He is passionate about unbridled nature and the connection of humanity in modern society. He states, “It just feels good to charge your phone and laptop batteries and prepare your soy latte on solar energy while charging yourself on the virtues of nature. Compared to your typical office our concept, it gives you plenty of space, much needed silence, and ultimate freedom.”


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