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Oh, Tinder. The dating app so well-known for its indiscretions and recently celebrity appearances that Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco made their very own parody about it. But, how many of them could possibly be swiping away on this “addicting” app.

Dating apps are constantly developing. There are even alternate dating apps, one named Avocado, which will notify your love interest when your phone is dying. Talk about creepy, but I guess innovative at the same time? Not to mention a ‘Tinder for travelers,’ if you will, which is similar to Tinder, but with a few differences here and there.

Tinder has a long-standing reputation of being a “hook up” app, so that may be why others are springing up left and right to compete, saying things like, “I’m looking for more!”

So, is this recently introduced blue check mark celeb verification the real deal? Tinder is no longer only for the average Joe, as rumored accounts so far include Hilary Duff and Ed Sheeran, but that’s about it.

Hilary Duff swipes away in her free time and is not shy to admit it, as she based her one swipe right (Yes) on a guy who likes “Sriracha, vodka and cheese.” What’s not to love? But, did Tinder just pull a publicity stunt to create a hype for their app? One journalist in the heart of LA claims to have seen a few celebrities in her Tinder travels, but none with the auspicious blue check mark.

hilary duff on tinder

So maybe they’re not the real ones. Maybe they are just posing, since people had a bit of a knack for pretending who they were before this whole online dating fiasco spun about. Remember the MTV show, ‘Catfish?’ With the internet, I suppose just anything is possible, even swiping past your celebrity crush.

With all this publicity Tinder is getting for verified “celebrity” accounts, perhaps their next venture will give the average folk a break and separate the normal human beings from the creeps of the world.

Since the chances of finding these blue checked celebrities are pretty slim, one Tumblr account decided to capture the closest we’ll ever get to finding a star on Tinder. Because, let’s admit it, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to dating a celebrity.


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