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If sci-fi nerds, drone enthusiasts and Star Wars fanatics aren’t salivating over this, then I can’t think of what else would tickle their geeky fancy. Propel RC is fulfilling fan boy and girl fantasies worldwide by releasing four drones designed to precisely mirror some of the most iconic Star Wars space crafts. These limited edition models were meticulously crafted, hand-painted and are individually numbered, meaning you’re going to want to scoop them up fast before these novelty items disappear. Whether you want to traverse a galaxy far, far away with the Millennium Falcon, join the Dark Side with a TIE Advanced X1, fight in the resistance with a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter or speed through a new planet with the 74-Z Speeder Bike, Propel RC has got you covered!

Star Wars drones

These four drones can reach speeds north of 40 mph with a reverse propulsion system that lets them reach this top speed in less than three seconds flat. As for their arsenal, the drones are built with lasers that allow you to point and shoot them at other drones to truly engage in some epic, cinematic space battles…or star wars, if you will. Get out your wallets, though – these drones will cost you anywhere from $330-400, but that’s a small price to pay when you consider they’re limited edition and better than any models you could build in your garage. And if you’re really hungry for some Star Wars drone paraphernalia, a Collector’s Box Set is also available that comes complete with all four drones and a carrying case. May the Force be with you and your drones!

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