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Jawbone is no stranger to wearables and fitness trackers, but the company was primarily known and defined by their audio products such as the Big Jambox speaker. That all changed on May 27, when Jawbone announced that it would scrap all future production on speakers, instead putting that division of their company up for sale in order to hone in on and focus solely on health and fitness wearables. In fact, Jawbone is so sure of their latest business venture, they’ve ceased production on their current line of wearables, like the Jawbone UP4, in favor of a hush-hush health-focused wearable device they’re currently developing.

Despite its booming speaker business and fitness trackers like the UP line, Jawbone has fallen on hard times recently. Late last year, the company laid off 15 percent of its global workforce. Meanwhile, the company has been struggling in the wearable field against more dominant competitors like Fitbit, Apple and Samsung. TechInsider reports that Jawbone has completely scrapped their UP line of fitness trackers, selling all of the remaining inventory to third-party resellers in order to give its undivided attention to producing a “clinical-grade health tracking [device] related to heart monitoring.” Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Jawbone denies the claims against the UP devices stating, “Jawbone has not ceased working on the production of UP products nor do we intend to.” The statement does, however, make note of work on next generation products within the UP line.

Not much more is known about Jawbone’s mysterious new wearable – details about the name, availability or target audience are all under wraps. The company must be reasonably confident in the product though for them to devote all of their energy towards it and rebrand entirely around it. While the audio market remains fairly stagnant, precipitating Jawbone’s decision to sell that portion of their company, the wearable field is burgeoning. If Jawbone truly has some sort of revolutionary device cooking up, it could place the once-darling company back on the map and in good standing against their more profitable competitors. Time will only tell, but as of now, it looks like Jawbone is 100 percent going all-in on health and fitness.

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