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The Neo Smartpen N2 is a digital pen, and it is smart. It instantly digitalizes and transfers all your notes, sketches, doodles, plans, and scribbles to your iOS device. You are thus spared the hassles of scanning. Nor do you ever have to hunt for brilliant ideas amongst scrap paper and wonder (with a sinking feeling) if you have lost them. The Smartpen also lets you organize your notes and doodles, so you can pull them up instantly. You can share these digital notes with other collaborators wherever they may be in the world because the Smartpen can convert text into a whopping 15 languages. It even syncs with Evernote and uploads content to Dropbox and Adobe Illustrator.

It has audio recording and playback features that you can control with your pen strokes! The proprietary nCode notepaper tracks if you change pages. So the next time you use the device, the app automatically opens at the page you were last working on.


But even with all the tech wizardry, the Neo Smartpen N2 is at heart, still a pen! Because that’s what its creators intended for it to be.

The pen is a product of NeoLAB Convergence. The company was founded by two best friends and computer and coding fanatics who used to dabble with Apple II and MSX from their elementary school days. Eddie Lee is the CTO, co-founder, and design lead at NeoLAB. He has a Ph. D in Electrical Engineering and his friend majored in computer science. They founded NeoLAB with a dream to create intuitive “smart” devices that would merge convenience and aesthetics with digital wizardry. The Neo Smartpen exemplifies their aspirations. But like most other inventions, it was born out of necessity! Eddie explains.


When they founded their start-up, Eddie and his friend didn’t have any idea of what they wanted to create. They brainstormed, sketched, and pored over their designs for hours on end to come up with ideas and solutions. But scanning reams of paper was a bother. It was then that they hit upon the idea to create a pen that would capture their sketches on the fly and automatically digitalize and transfer these to their smart devices.

Eddie and his friend are creative people, and like for most others of their ilk, their creative juices gush forth when they scribble and doodle on paper. So they wanted their creation to look and feel like a real pen. So the Smartpen N2 is slim and fits snugly between the fingers unlike the clunky ones from other manufacturers.

The N2 works like a pen too. It is activated by pressure and works in an unpaired mode, which means that you just need to start writing or sketching for it to start capturing the data. There is no need to hook it to or sync it with anything. What is more, the N2 even works with standard ink refills.


The N2 is a class apart in its genre on the technological front as well. For instance, you can choose the color of text in the application, search for and pull up your notes in a calendar view, and toggle between new and old notebooks using the NoteBox feature. NeoLAB holds the patent for all the hardware components and software programs of N2. This ensures there are no compatibility issues and the communication, development, and post-sales services are seamless.

The Smartpen N2 is the ideal productivity tool for architects, sketch artists, writers, journalists, students, musicians, interior designers, chefs, students, and anyone who needs to think out-of-the-box. It has already attracted users with not only convenience but also familiarity. After all, you don’t need to “convince” people to use a “pen.”


In fact, such has been the response to the N2 that NeoLAB has already started work to build different versions of the pen and the app to suit the needs of various industries and professions. In the pipeline are projects like creating an app for cartoonists and developing business form solutions and educational platforms that support smart pens.

According to Eddie, the age of smart pens is already upon us. Soon we will be able to use any type of paper with the smart pen or use the device as a stylus as well. The Neo Smartpen N2 is just a reflection of the shape of the Internet of Things to come.

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