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With summer just around the corner, the sun is out and shining for most folks. But for those who aren’t so lucky there’s CoeLux, an artificial sunlight system.

Italian start-up CoeLux revealed their revolutionary artificial sunlight system last year. From light therapy to the perfect photograph, the uses for an artificial sunlight system which looks and feels so real it can trick your brain (and your camera), seem endless.


The mastermind behind CoeLux is Professor Paolo Di Trapani of Italy’s University of Insubria.

“Science and technology, like art, allow us to reproduce reality, putting on stage the laws that we believe are relevant in nature,” Trapani said in a statement. “As in a theater, the performance does not replace the reality, but opens a window which allows us to discover the real world as we’ve never seen it before.”

Trapani borrowed the natural phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering as the basis of his artificial sunlight system.

Each CoeLux skylight is fitted with several layers. The layers contain nanoparticles which recreate the Rayleigh phenomenon where light particles scatter across the short spectrum of the color blue. Trapani used this atmospheric concept with a lightbulb, scattering the light across a limited window area to recreate the hue of a blue sky.


The system can also mimic the light found in different geographic regions. CoeLux 60 provides vertical light with sharper contrast as found in the tropics, Coelux 45 mimics more balanced Mediterranean light, and Coelux 30 provides “a warm, grazing Nordic light.”

CoeLux foresees its product as revolutionary in the field of health and wellness. Not only can they tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in areas with dreary weather (CoeLux opened their first demo room in London), but windowless basements and stuffy patient rooms can quickly be remedied with an installment of one of their artificial light systems.


The company also says their system can be ideal in museums, airports, parking garages, subway tunnels, and photoshoots.

The CoeLux website features a collection of photographs in rooms lit by CoeLux. They are accompanied by a word of caution: “The photographs on this site are real and unretouched. They are not computer renderings.”

CoeLux has the potential to be a photographer’s haven. In the safety of the studio, CoeLux provides natural lighting without all the natural obstacles. Unexpected storms, cloudy forecasts, limited sunlight, or just plain unpredictable sunlight can all be resolved with the use of CoeLux. Though the price would have to come down a bit. As of now, the system costs about $61 thousand.


But a shared studio space with CoeLux installed, providing real looking and feeling sunlight 24/7, could prove to be revolutionary for photographers.

Here are some more photos interior spaces illuminated with the help of the CoeLux system.

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