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I’m done with Netflix, never thought I’d say that. Not done done, but my queue is exhausted. Completely drained. Maybe what I’m experiencing is a Netflix overdose, and its time to find a new replacement.

Figuring out how, who, and what can satiate my streaming/binge watching appetite is a rather difficult decision. Especially when there are a plethora of options available for the pickings; AppleTV, Chromecast… set tops or media streamers, individual subscriptions, etc.. My only dilemma—each service seems to resemble their competition in some form or another. And what I’m really searching for is some sort of ambiguous life-changing improvement in the form of video streaming. Or so I hope.

And what did I discover? Amazon’s somewhat-new package, the Fire TV—yet another performance driven service from the internet mega-retailer. Maybe its all in the name, to be honest I like the ring of it. Hmm, I wonder what’s on Fire? But here’s the deal, I already have a SmartTV so is a set top really necessary if most of the options available on Amazon Fire are also available through SmartHub? It seems a bit redundant and a waste of money. The truth is most of the options and tools available on Fire aren’t present on SmartHub. You can’t win them all.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my SmartTV and regularly forage through SmartHub’s multi-layer features to enhance my viewing experience. However the wow factor starts to erode when it comes to streaming. Videos always seem to do one of the following: stop completely, revert to standard definition, or instructs me to check the internet connection. It’s frustrating and makes me realize how impatient I’ve become in a world surrounded by high-speed technology.

What does my ideal candidate come equipped with? Seamless streaming capabilities with a great collection of titles, multi-functional abilities, rock-solid wifi connection, and still within budget. Though Amazon Fire is more expensive than its competitors, its attributes definitely outweigh the cost, which is why Fire can break away from mediocrity. And that is enough to convince me: this is the key to eternal happiness.

Don’t be fooled by its minimalist design, this tiny box is loaded. Voice control options and a new feature called X-Ray can identify an actor/movie title from sound clips and provide details based on its findings… pretty cool stuff! Though it only comes with a mere 2GB storage capacity, users can download music from Pandora and Prime, and games as well, which reminds me… Fire TV is kinda like an unofficial gaming console though Amazon will remind us it isn’t one. With powerful search tools and fast streaming, the Fire TV also starts predicting and suggesting titles to watch much like Netflix as you begin to curtail your preferences. Though subscriptions such as Hulu, Watch ESPN, and HBO Go are sold separately, users are given unlimited watching privileges to Amazon’s Prime collection. I mean, this little black box will even buffer your next movie title as your current feature starts winding down! The Fire understands the binge. And that fills my heart with all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Will Amazon’s all-star set top be the answer to all of my problems? I sure hope so, only time will tell.

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