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Thanks to the Internet of Things, pretty much any mundane device or object can be equipped with Wi-Fi and interconnected into a fanciful tech grid, allowing it to perform feats of technologic marvel that are arguably, at best, trite conveniences that really serve no dire need or previously absent purpose. But the fact of the matter is that this technology exists, and the undeniable “cool factor” of ordinary objects becoming “smart” objects is a hard concept to ignore.

This brings us to the Kuvée Bottle, a smart wine bottle that has literally no discernible reason to be, and yet, is still a pretty cool idea and concept nevertheless. Developed by Boston startup Kuvée, this wine bottle is Wi-Fi connected and has a touchscreen adorning the bottle. With all these mechanical bells and whistles, the functionality promise of Kuvée is that it will keep your wine fresh for up to 30 days after it’s opened, which is useful I guess, but if you don’t finish a bottle of wine within a month, what might I ask are you doing with your life?

While you ponder that question, let’s get into how Kuvée works. The bottle comes with wine cartridges that slide inside through an opening at the bottle’s base. These cartridges enable the bottle detect the type of wine, alcohol content and logo of the brand you’re drinking and will display that on the digital touchscreen label. Beyond that, the cartridges will tap into the Wi-Fi to give winos a bunch of extra background information on the wine including pairing notes, the composition of the wine’s ingredients and photos of the wine being made, effectively turning you into a makeshift sommelier of sorts.

Kuvée wine bottle and wine cartridges.

The touchscreen will allow you to browse and purchase other wines available through Kuvée, turning the bottle into a wine-shopping tablet for all your boozy needs. By keeping an estimate of how much wine is left in the bottle, Kuvée will also ensure that you know the damage that needs to be done to the bottle before the 30-day guarantee of freshness is up. The cartridges, again, are responsible for Kuvée being Kuvée – made of oxygen impermeable metal, wine is sealed in a bag inside the cartridge so that little outside oxygen comes in contact with the wine, making it stay fresh longer than it normally would inside a dumb wine bottle, not a smart one like Kuvée.

Due to all the tech that permeates the DNA of a Kuvée bottle, it must be regularly recharged by placing it onto a charging stand in order to view all the information that appears on the bottle’s touchscreen. Since Kuvée isn’t made of glass, the only way you can tell how much is left in the bottle is to see the estimation the cartridges display on the touchscreen, meaning it’s pretty important to keep Kuvée with a full-charge (which is only 5-6 hours) at all times to be, you know, useful. At a price tag of $179 for the bottle, Kuvée is probably more for the wine-lover than a casual wine consumer. But if you wanna drink and experience wine like a badass from the future, you can order your own through Kuvée’s Indiegogo page, with shipment expected in October.

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