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The adage “the customer is always right” is no joke, but for the hospitality industry, that motto is ride or die. Hotels make it or break it based on the care and service they can provide their customers, bending over backwards to meet personal satisfaction to avoid those disparaging comment cards. With the rise of wearable technology monitoring and tracking a multitude of personal data to service an individual’s needs and the Internet of Things enabling electronic devices to all be interconnected and controlled with just a smartphone, hotels are beginning to see the virtues of tech to push their industry into the future.

With improved technologies comes the opportunity to provide better service, and hotels may begin incorporating some shiny new tech to deliver the best, most personalized experiences imaginable. In an age where pretty much everything can be done and communicated through the Internet, the days of calling down to the front desk or ordering room service are becoming more and more archaic. Consumers want instant connection and gratification – something that can be fulfilled with a concept like the Internet of Things.


Hotels are beginning to realize that everything from the checking-in process, to luggage services, room service, supplies and room amenities like temperature could all be connected and incorporated into a tablet, mobile device or wearable, allowing the customer to control and immediately change anything that isn’t to their liking. The interconnectivity of technology could be a game-changer for the hotel experience and customer satisfaction, creating a seamless, instant and adjustable hotel stay that is user controlled.

Once such a feat is accomplished, a hotel can document and save all of this personal data and information to cater to an individual’s next stay, anywhere at any time. Nothing makes a customer feel more special or taken care of than personalization, and the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technology could truly push the hospitality business into the future. Wearables, mobile tech and the Internet of Things could enable hotels to actually predict the needs of each individual customer, catering to these to deliver a perfectly individualized service package. It not only makes an individual’s stay more enjoyable, but could also efficiently revamp the management of a hotel.

Privacy concerns are bound to arise, but these days, one can’t really discuss streamlining and changing how things are done through the use of technology without understanding that privacy might take a hit. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide what is most important to them. But if hotels can utilize the available technology to essentially predict and then provide a dream stay for each of their guests, we might see less Bates Motel horror stories, with every hotel stay befitting a king or queen.

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