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Leave it to Silicon Valley to usher in a brick and mortar shop that retails the Internet of Things. But that’s the tagline for B8ta, a store in Palo Alto, California aiming to create a wonderland around the concept of the Internet of Things. For those of you a bit confused about how such a store is possible, or what the Internet of Things even is, here are the basics: Internet of Things is a network of interconnected objects embedded with various forms of technology, such as sensors, electronics or software, that enables these objects to collect and transmit data amongst each other.

B8ta hopes to make this concept an easy pill to swallow for its customers by building an environment that depicts how different objects like a car and a refrigerator can be linked to the same network and exchange data. The concept behind B8ta is to showcase a tangible and physical example of how the Internet of Things actually works by letting people behold the interconnectivity for themselves.

B8ta storefront

The brainchild of members of Nest Labs, a company owned by Google that manufactures smoke detectors, thermostats and other similar household devices that are Wi-Fi enabled and boast a modern flair, B8ta is set to bridge the gap between the heady concept that powers the Internet of Things and the consumer’s understanding of how it relates and powers products developed by manufacturers and other retailers. The goal is to explain how a product is connected and works in the grand scheme of the Internet of Things.

With an eye on helping small companies and businesses that are creating products compatible with Internet of Things market to consumers and give them a storefront to display and show off their products, B8ta looks to be a one-of-a-kind retailer connecting casual consumers to the future, all buoyed by objects connected to the Internet of things. All of the products B8ta intends to stock its store with will be products exclusively sold online in order to give a tangible face to them and have them be out in the open, ready to be played with and tested so customers truly know and understand what it is they’re buying.

A store like B8ta could become the first in a long-line of retailers devoted to showcasing the power and awe of the Internet of Things, making a still shaky concept for most people into a conceivable reality that they’ll begin to literally buy in to.


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