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In efforts to majorly overhaul and rebrand, Intel has launched a seriously eye-catching new ad campaign that shows some stunning and awe-inspiring technological marvels, all powered by their latest core computing system: the Curie module. This module is a chip that powers wearable and Internet of Things devices and is currently in the process of being mass-produced to hit the market with the amazingly low, low price of $10.

If you haven’t seen Intel’s latest ad, it’s quite the looker (and embedded below for your convenience). Everything from a prosthetic limb being powered to make a man walk to a gorgeous smart dress that controls artificial butterflies are highlighted as products and devices that Intel’s latest computing system can power and control. Intel announced that the first main stage showing for the Curie module would be at the upcoming X Games in Aspen, Colorado at the end of January. By embedding the module in stunt bikes, Intel hopes to capture and analyze their motions in order to provide real-time data on the stunts these bikes perform.


For the Internet of Things in particular, Intel is hawking the Edison module, which powers and controls the beautifully blue butterfly dress in their ad campaign. The butterflies are electronic devices connected to the IoT and respond to the chip embedded in the dress’s fabric. Responding to movement, touch and body heat, the butterflies will fly off the smart dress, circle around the wearer and then land back on it and seamlessly integrate back into the dress’s aesthetic.

Intel’s hope is that by showcasing undeniably cool products, they can create interest in the tech that powers them, implementing these modules into Intel-specific products the company can sell. It’s a bold new move for a company that’s known mostly for producing these kinds of chips and computing systems for the products of other companies. Intel has a ways to go to be viewed on the same level of an Apple or Microsoft, but this latest marketing strategy is both brilliant in its message and visuals, which could turn some much needed attention and interest toward Intel’s latest modules.

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