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Many of the wearables circulating the market more or less do the same things – the look of the tracker and the brand might differ, but it’s a safe bet you’ll be getting a combination of data that includes fitness tracking, distance and steps counted, calories burned, sleep activity and suggestions on how to reach and maintain your fitness goals. It’s the rare wearable fitness tracker that brings something completely new and innovative to the table these days. Feast your eyes, then, on InBody Band, a wearable body composition analyzer.

To help determine and gauge a wearer’s body composition, InBody Band employs electrodes that will measure one’s heart rate, body fat, muscle mass and more. Built in electrodes in the band will send a small current through your body and measure voltage to retrieve this information through your wrist, while placing two fingers on top of the device will also scan your body for this data. InBody Band is made from polymer and boasts a thin, lengthy display screen that delivers body composition metrics. Conveniently, the battery life is one week on a single charge, making this one of the more longer-lasting fitness trackers out there.

The InBody app is where all of the gathered data comes together in truly revelatory form. Beyond just allowing users to see their total calories burned per day and to log their exercise routines, the app enables you to view changes in your Basal Metabolic Rate so you can have a clearer understanding of how to optimize your diet and workout to better fuel and train your body. With an eye on BMI, InBody Band is carving out its own, unique niche in the crowded wearable fitness tracker field.

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