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We caught up with photographer and founder of @JustGoShoot, Kevin Turner. Kevin founded the Instagram account JustGoShoot to expose the often underrated mobile photographer. He opened up to us about his gear, how he uses it and what Instagram has done for photographers.

His gear:

Canon 6D
Canon 5D
Canon 35mm f/1.4L
Canon 135mm f/2L
Sigma 50mm f/1.4
iPhone 5s
iPad air
Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X
Yongnuo speed light with flash diffuser
Two extra batteries
Golla sling camera bag



The 5D is mainly used for head shots, events or wide shots, when I use it with a 50 mm lens. It’s basically a backup camera.
The 6D is my main camera that I pretty much shoot everything with, either using my 35mm lens or 135mm lens.
My iPhone is the camera I keep in my pocket. I use it for every thing from landscapes to street photography.

I do shoot a lot of iPhone shots because that’s usually the camera that’s always with me. But when I go out and plan to shoot,  I have both cameras. Sometimes I get the same shot with all my cameras. Sometimes it’s just a feeling I get, whether I use the the iPhone or 6D.



I think mobile apps like Instagram have woken up the photographer in some people who are actually very talented. They started shooting with their phones and discovered their talent then realized they could do something with it.


My advice to people just starting out – do it because you love it, not to please others. Shoot as much as you can, study light as much as you can and learn your tools inside and out.

Follow @JustGoShoot or find Kevin’s personal IG @turnone or his blog

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