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Samsung has got a secret workshop where it’s cooking up a bunch of hush-hush projects like a covert group of tech elves. Finally deciding to unveil one of their concoctions to us, Samsung’s Creative Lab has announced it is developing a pair of smart shoes that will provide real-time coaching for fitness routines. Dubbed IOFIT, the shoes are being designed by a subsidiary of Samsung’s C-Lab – Salted Venture. The shoes are packed to the sole with sensors to actively coach people on fitness, workout and even golf routines.

Motion and pressure sensors will provide insight on a wearer’s center of gravity, balance, ground contact force and weight shift in order to effectively analyze and improve a number of aspects that are crucial for an individual’s fitness regimen or golf swing. A Bluetooth transmitter will then send this tracking data to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly so wearers can get real-time information on how to get a better burn or how to lower that par.

Like any great sneaker, the shoes are completely washable. The battery life for IOFIT shoes is 7-10 days, and they support wireless charging. And like any good smart device and wearable, IOFIT shoes will also provide some crucial fitness tracking and information, such as data on step counts, distance and duration. But it’s those more complex metrics, along with coaching software and video training demonstrations that provide instruction and recommendations that truly set these shoes apart for those looking to step up their game (pun intended).

With a splashy debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Salted Venture set a price for these puppies at a fairly reasonable $259. Though if you order them before March 10, you’ll be able to snag them at a discount price of $199. Salted Venture is currently only beta testing the IOFIT shoes, but they are hoping to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the shoes come July. To see IOFIT smart shoes in action, check out the video below.

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