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In order for wearables to truly permeate our broader culture, they’re going to have to start performing more interesting and undeniable tasks beyond the rote, routine fitness trackers and pricey, unattractive smartwatches that have thus far filled the market. Because let’s face it, not everyone gives a crap about how many steps they take, what their heart rate is, or wearing a bulky, intrusive piece of metal and plastic wrapped around their wrist that alerts them when they get an email. Big whoop!

A wearable like ili, however, is desperately injecting the wearable market with some much needed intrigue and wonder. The tiny, USB-shaped device is worn around one’s neck and translates speech from an expansive library of speech and phrases in the languages of English, Japanese and Chinese. Built with its own operating system, ili can translate the three languages in a flash, eclipsing the annoying routine of having to flip through a language book or looking something up on Google Translate.

ili wearable

Adding to ili’s simplicity, the wearable works without Internet or Wi-Fi connection, meaning it’ll work anywhere from flying the friendly skies on a Chinese airline or taking a cruise around the islands of Japan hundreds of miles out at sea. The device was created by Logbar as a wearable translator specifically for travellers, and even boasts an inclusive travel lexicon that easily breaks through the language barrier if you happen to be traveling to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.

Equipped with a powerful built-in speaker that clearly and loudly will translate messages, ili is poised to become a must-have wearable for globetrotters. The internal microphone promises to accurately pick up one’s speech and translate that into the speech of another language that can be heard and deciphered, even through calamitous background noise.

Set to debut sometime this summer, Logbar hopes to add Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Korean and Thai to the languages ili can successfully understand and translate before the wearable hits the market. For those afraid of a culture clash or a particularly difficult language barrier when traveling, ili is a small, wearable necklace that could revolutionize not only traveling, but also communication in general. Check out the ad for the device below, and try not to get too skeezed out by the guy attempting to use ili to get women who don’t speak the same language to kiss him. Be better than this clown with your ili.

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