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If you’re a sci-fi nerd like a lot of other techies, your childhood was probably filled with hours upon hours of watching films like Star Wars, Back to the Future (I, II, and III) and Ghostbusters to name a popular few. You’ve also probably daydreamed about having your own spy watch or jet pack. Hopefully, these futuristic wearables are on the horizon – we do have the Apple watch, after all, which even the haters have to admit is similar to some spy gear James Bond would rock. Here’s a list of wearables from some of the most iconic sci-fi films that tech firms should invest in, like now.

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Back to the Future hoverboard

It may not technically be a “wearable,” but since you use body movement to somewhat power it, the hoverboard from Back to the Future should count. Many attempts at a duplicate have been made – from a liquid nitrogen-fueled board “hovering” above magnetic tracks (made by Lexus) to the Hendo hoverboards that Tony Hawk took a ride on, which barely hover an inch above the ground. However, neither of these replicas have the horsepower that Marty McFly’s did in the movie.  

So, how much longer until we have a real hoverboard on the market? Philippe Maalouf, of Omni Hoverboards, currently has a working prototype that launched in 2015 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original film. While this prototype looks nothing like the cool skateboard-esque hoverboard from the film, the company’s website says to “stay tuned” for its next prototype, which looks to improve on the distance (905 feet) and height (2 inches) of the first. Wannabe Marty McFly’s will have to wait a little longer to get the futuristic board they want.

Iron Man’s Suit

Iron Man suit

Come on, who wouldn’t want a suit that lets them fly and comes complete with a weapons system in a self-controlled environment? Perhaps a few of you would prefer Tony Stark’s bank account instead, but to reiterate: a flying suit, people! Plus, think of the new pals you’d be clowning around with: Black Widow, Captain America, Thor. A suit like this could turn anyone into a superhero, almost as quickly as it would take you to blast into the sky with Iron Man’s rocket booster hands.

Minority Report Glove-Controlled Touch Screen

Minority Report tech

Minority Report debuted in 2002, so this one may be a bit past its prime in some ways. But how cool would it be to accessorize your touch screen with your outfit? The closest we have to fancy gloves that work with our technology are those touchscreen gloves for our smartphones that allow us to keep our hands warm while still using our phones in winter. Fashionable gloves consumers could wear that would allow them to control all their devices manually would be a game-changer, and would cut down on the germs that infest all of our tech devices through our hands.

Boba Fett’s Jet Pack

Boba Fett jetpack

Perhaps the most unlikely character in the Star Wars universe to have such an intense fan following, yet one with an undeniably cool uniform that includes – you guessed it – a jet pack! When any sci-fi nerd thinks of themselves in the future, at some point, they think about whizzing around with a jet pack. Boba Fett’s jet pack would be the ideal one to have, because the assumption would be whoever created it would also accessorize it with the full-on suit as well. This is the ultimate example of every fanboy/girl’s dream coming to life.

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