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There are a ton of cloud-based camera apps available on the market today. They all do the same thing –  store photos in a secure server to help you free up space in your smartphone. Apple, Google and Dropbox all have their own versions of the service that you’re probably using right now. If, like me, you’re sick and tired of succumbing to slow, low quality backup features, try screaming for IceCream.

“We are solving a real problem with IceCream. People shouldn’t have to miss those incredibly important and emotional moments because they don’t have enough space on their smartphone,” said George Berkowski, founder of IceCream. Already gaining momentum, the app has notable investors including Riccardo Zacconi, the CEO and Co-founder of King (the creator of Candy Crush).

Fast, Reliable and Extremely Social

The smartphone app is the perfect companion for individuals who love taking photos. It backs up the originals to the cloud (the Amazon cloud to be exact)and then shrinks the images so they take up less space and puts them back on your phone. Accessing the full resolution versions of your images is only a few taps away, and you’ll never have to worry about taking up space in your handheld device. This app is incredibly timely because these days, smartphones are becoming less expandable. In particular, iPhones do not have a micro SD card slot, forcing you to either buy one that comes with more memory, or juggle the small amount of space you have by constantly removing content.

There are also fresh sharing features to help spread your selfies and memorable pics to your friends and relatives. The panel comes with a friends list that allows you to control who you’re sharing your personal snapshots with. “60% of women want safer and more private ways to share photos. The days of the generalised social sharing, public viewing format are gone, but sharing is still a massive motivator. Our figures show that the more photos you have, the more you share: 45% of people with over 5000 photos on their phone shared over 40 shots a week,” highlighted the company in a blog post.


Shoot and Backup All in One App

A built-in camera is available directly from the app to tie the whole photo-taking experience together. You could snap up to 10 times more images using the feature compared to the stock camera app that comes with your phone. IceCream developers designed the service with speed in mind. You could free up roughly 250 photos in 40 seconds or 2,500 images in two minutes. That’s blazing fast! With the app installed, you can use the service as often as you want. To make it easier for you, there is an option to set smart notifications that send out alerts on the status of your memory as it approaches full capacity.


Where Can I Get This?

IceCream is available for free in the Apple Store. You’ll need to be running iOS 8.0 or higher to use the service. The app is optimized to take advantage of the latest firmware’s app thinning and powerful image searching features. For now, the app is only available for iPhone users with no word yet on when it might come to Android and Windows devices.

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