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Hammocks and hot tubs are rarely associated with each other outside of the backyard. But now the two has finally come together to form the Hydro Hammock, a portable hot tub for the great outdoors.

Created by Benjamin Frederick of Ashland, Oregon, the innovative hammock comes with a ton of benefits, compared to your average, stationary watering hole.

Hydro Hammock patio

Industrial, Eco-friendly and Very Low Maintenance

The relaxing human nest can hold 50 gallons of water. Made out of waterproof tensile fabric with double-walled insulation, you’ll never have to worry about ripping the sturdy net (for a grand entrance, the Kickstarter video confirms that it is possible to jump into the portable hot tub).

To get the most out of the hammock, you should also get the optional pump machine that heats and recirculates the water inside. For now, the pump system operates on natural gas. Frederick confirmed that he has plans to add a battery and solar capabilities. The unit doubles as a power bank and allows you to charge other devices using two USB ports.

At full capacity, two people can fit inside the Hydro Hammock. This ensures you always have the option to share your surreal outdoor experience with someone.

Cocoon of Bliss

Adding portable features to the hammock has taken the product to another level. You could setup the nest in your backyard, on a campsite, next to a lake or even on top of a snowy mountain (with the heater unit to keep you warm). The best part is, you don’t need to rely on a sturdy base all the time. If you’re at the beach, simply dig a hole and place the hammock inside.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what Lisa Robertson from the Hydro Hammock Team has to say about the product:

“Encapsulated in a cocoon of bliss, ‘the Hydro Hammock’. Submerged in healing mineral waters that come from a spring, a mountain stream, or hot ocean water… Stretched out, relaxed to the core, either swinging in the summers breeze between trees, dug into the sand on the beach, or cozy in a steam bath and my favorite essential oils, surrounded by snowy peaks! A truly fantastic experience! The most innovative luxury lifestyle invention I’ve ever experienced.”

Hydro Hammock balcony

Where Can I Buy This?

There are two versions of the Hydro Hammock available on the official website. The Hydro Hammock 1 starts at $480. This single-layer model is designed for versatile portability and fits inside the water system travel compartment. The Hydro Hammock 2 is a dual-layer version that allows individuals to add extra components between the fabric, such as padding and heating or cooling devices. It is currently going for $680. Both options come with a bag, installation straps and carabiners.

As mentioned earlier, the portable heater is a must for those who want to be able to pump natural water into the hammock. The unit costs $1,950, making it the most expensive part of the whole Hydro Hammock system. It’s better to think of the machine as an essential piece instead of an accessory.

Pre-orders are available on the Kickstarter page with limited 30-50 percent offers for early adopters.

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