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In order to have a transcending outdoor experience, you need to have the right gear. The Hütte Hut trailer is one of the few accessories that can truly help you get away from the weekly urban grind.

“We wanted to create a space that would have an emotive reaction and give you a new way of thinking about the outdoors,” said Brian Manzo of Sprouting Sprocket Studio. “Escapism is so appealing for everyone, but the reality is accessing that escape is hard for some people. They’ve never camped before.” Hütte Hut in field

Intimate, Luxurious Wood

The Hütte Hut is designed to keep you engaged with your outdoor environment. Using a range of high quality wood, you’ll barely notice the difference between the campsite and the cozy interior. There’s enough space for two people to move around comfortably (three is possible, but could be slightly cramped).

Unlike most campers that are only used for sleeping, this one can serve as a venue for small gatherings and eye-opening conversations. Leaving the double doors open to a breathtaking view can help you take in your surroundings over a cup of tea.

A bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wilderness. When bad weather approaches, simply close the giant doors and peek through the large windows while listening to your favorite rainy day playlist. The waterproof cotton canvas canopy will keep you dry.

Hütte Hut inside shot

Electrical Features for Your Digital Goodies

Most campers supplement their adventures with digital devices. They capture photos, talk to their friends on the phone or catch up on movies under the stars. All of these activities require loads of power. To meet such demands, the creators included several charging features around the camper. There is an Exterior AC 110 Shore Power Inlet and 110 AC Power Inverter for direct plugging. Battery backup options are also available and can be customized according to the buyer’s preferences.

That’s about all we know for now. The company promises to provide a more comprehensive list of accessories and add-ons in the near future.

Based on the core features of the compact trailer, there’s just enough amenities to enhance your trips, but not completely make you feel like you’re back at the office. There are no USB ports, smart Bluetooth connectivity options or touchscreen panels- and that’s ok.

Hütte Hut side shot outdoors

How Can I Order One?

The company is currently accepting pre-orders through the official website. Each unit is fulfilled on a made-to-order basis in Santa Barbara, California. The total cost for the teardrop trailer is $63,900. To initiate an order, a deposit of $19,170 is required. Through a very thorough, hands-on manufacturing process, you can be sure your unique hut extension will be the talk of the campsite for many years to come.

“People want an escape from the artifacts of a successful life and to come back to something that allows them to disconnect. It gets so metaphysical that we have to have to step back and laugh at ourselves. It is a trailer after all,” highlighted Katrina Manzo, co-designer of the Hütte Hut.

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