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We’ve all got them – I’m talking about wrinkles, of course. Whether it’s from the natural progression of aging (hello, crow’s feet!), the distinguished looking forehead lines from a deep thinker or laugh lines from those who enjoy smiling and cackling like it’s their job, wrinkles are a natural part of our appearance. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little tweaking and editing to reduce their prominence in photos. And thankfully, we have the technology!

It’s actually quite simple to retouch photos in Photoshop to reduce the presence of wrinkles thanks to channels, which is where Photoshop stores the color information of an image. Manipulating these channels will affect how much of a certain color appears on your photos and its intensity , and with the right touch, you can edit most of those wrinkles away. Follow along with the step-by-step process below:

1.Open the image you’d like to edit inside of Photoshop. Go to the “Layers” panel and duplicate the image. Be sure to rename it as well to easily toggle between the two.

wrinkle 1

2. Choose the “Healing Brush” and set its hardness at 100% for faster editing.

wrinkle 2

3. Use the “Healing Brush” to brush over any wrinkles, blemishes or lines that appear in the sample area you previously selected.

wrinkle 3

4. Go to the “Layers” panel and hide your duplicated image and layer by clicking the eye symbol. Proceed to the “Channels” menu and do a Command click on the “Red Channel.”

wrinkle 4

wrinkle 5

5. Go back to the “Layers” panel and make your duplicated layer visible again. Click on “Add Layer Mask” to apply the selection highlighted in Step 4 to your new layer. This should result in a smoother looking photo.

wrinkle 6

6. If you choose to, you can decrease the opacity of your new layer for a more natural looking image. This step will all depend on how dark your wrinkles and blemishes are.

wrinkle 7

And there you have it – say hello to a brand new, wrinkle-free (or reduced) version of your image!

wrinkle edit

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