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It may seem like a relatively easy task, but attaching propellers to drones is not the most intuitive. With different locking mechanisms and various types of propeller locks, attaching a propeller can be more confusing than you’d think. Also, by not attaching a propeller correctly, you are in danger of severely damaging your drone whether it be during take off or even in mid flight. We here at Lumoid have created a cheat sheet to show you how to install the propellers for various drones below!

DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro


The Phantom series comes with quick release propellers. The key is to identify the propellers with the black and grey rings and attach the black ring propellers to the black dotted motors, and the grey ringed propellers to motors without black dots. Then, press the propeller down on the mounting plate and rotate in the lock direction. The propellers themselves will have a little emblem indicating which direction is the locked direction.

DJI Inspire 1


Photo via EHIROBO

Photo via 1UAS

The Inspire series tends to be a little more complicated compared to the Phantom line. It comes down to knowing what types of propellers you have. There are the 1345s and the 1345T. The 1345s are similar in regard to the Phantom in the sense that the propellers with a white dot go on the motors with a white dot. While the propellers without a white dot go on the motor without a white dot. Simply press down on the propeller and twist to the lock direction. The propellers will also have a decal on them showing which direction is lock and unlock.

As for the 1345T, the propellers are differentiated with white and red arrows. The red arrowed propellers go onto the motors with a red arrow and the white propellers go onto a motor with a white arrow. Simply align the propeller onto the motor and twist the locking mechanism on the motor until the arrows align.

DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic’s follow suit with the Phantom series. The propellers can be differentiated with a silver ring around the center of the propeller. The silver ring propeller will go on the motor with the 3 silver lines and the other propeller will go on the motor without the silver lines. Simply align the propeller on the motor and twist and turn to the locking position. Just like the Phantoms, a decal or emblem on the propeller will show you which direction is lock and unlock.

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