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Start the New Year off right with a detox. Here are some simple ways to clear your mind and body from eating right to exercise to mental wellness.

Stay present

The key to detoxing mentally is to stay present. Start with breathing exercises and maybe even yoga. Just a few minutes each day makes all the difference. Consider what you’d like to manifest for this year and act mindfully. Keep track of it on your phone, or a journal so you can revisit it. For guided breathing exercises, try Fitbit Charge 2 or Bellabeat LEAF.

















Reboot nutrition

Start your morning with warm lemon water and cayenne to boost your metabolism. Lemon works with your digestive system to alkalize the body, clear the mind and is mood lifting and hydrates your skin. Cleaning out your fridge and filling it with healthy eats will also inspire you to eat clean. Try Garmin Vivoactive HR and QuardioBase for tracking calories and body weight.

garmin-2 quardio-2














Sleep regularly

Get into a regular sleep pattern nightly. This will not only help regenerate a sore body but also help reset the central nervous system. Fitbit Flex 2 and Misfit Ray track sleep patterns to help you not only get enough, but effective rest.















Switch up your workout routine


Make exercise a social occasion. Instead of meeting friends for happy hour, go to a class together instead. The key to avoiding burnout is to have diversity. Track an array of workouts with Beast Sensor and Atlas Wristband.

beast-2 atlas-2

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