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Trying to figure out how to conserve your drone battery life to maximize the amount of flight time? Welcome to the club! Drone batteries run anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on weather conditions and how aggressive the operator flies. In high winds, expect a decrease in battery life, whereas gentle and smooth flying will give you longevity. Here are a few tips to maximize your drone battery life.

Fly Gently and Smooth


To really maximize the most amount of time with your battery, you are going to want to fly very smooth and gently. Zipping through the skies and making sharp turns will drastically decrease your battery life due to harsh accelerations and stops. By blissfully gliding through the air, you not only conserve battery life, but your aerial shots are a lot nicer without any “jell-o” effects.

Cycle Your Battery

What cycling your battery means is to only use a full battery when flying and allow it to discharge after flying. DJI batteries are deemed “Intelligent Flight Batteries” which means that they are aware of how much charge they have and become accustomed to regular patterns. For example, if you fly your drone at 50% charge every time and then discharge, the battery is going to think that the 50% mark is actually fully charged.

Room Temperature Conditions


You want to make sure when your batteries are idle, that they are in room temperature conditions. Having a super cold battery will increase its time to discharge, meaning it will lose charge a lot faster. Having a battery in very hot conditions may lead to complete discharge, meaning you are left with no capacity or even the attempt to recover the battery. When in doubt, try to keep your battery in room temperature conditions or the temperatures the manual suggests.

Never Discharge Completely

Completely discharging a Li-Po battery (all DJI batteries are Li-Po) could prove to be fatal. Aim to charge your battery back up when it hits around the 25% mark. Anything below that can compromise its performance. The positive to DJI batteries is that the batteries won’t let you discharge that low ever. Even if they show 0% on the screen, the actual charge is still safely above that. (Note: if left discharged for over a month, the circuitry will still draw power and will eventually lead to a dead battery).

Try to keep these small tips in mind when you are trying to preserve your drones battery life, it might go a long way! If you want to fly a drone today, head over to Lumoid and check out our vast selection of drones. You’ll be sure to capture the most amazing shot with a drone in your hand!


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