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Thinking of camping or a quick weekend get-a-way this summer and need an easy way to clean your clothes? Or are you looking to reduce your water bill and want to clean your clothes without leaving a dirty carbon footprint? Maybe you’re downsizing your current abode to a tiny home and need a smaller washer.

Whatever your reason for a smaller, eco-friendly washing machine – there’s a DIY method you can follow to create your own clothes washer for around $10. All you need is a drill, two 5-gallon buckets (which you can get for around $3 or less, or even free from places like grocery store bakeries), a shot glass of detergent, and a plunger. Yes, there’s some manual labor involved – but overall, pretty easy and cheap.



Before demonstrating how to build this green washer, it’s worth mentioning other quick laundry cleaners you can buy: but at double or triple the price. The Rapid Washer from Lehman’s receives good reviews and gets the job done at $24. The Easygo Washer is another compact cleaning alternative that holds about 5lbs of laundry, however, it comes with a hefty price tag of $64.99.

In the end, dollar for dollar, you can’t beat this DIY washer’s $10 price tag and the folks at claim in their video below that your clothes will come out clean and you can even recycle the drained water (provided you use eco-friendly detergent.) And that’s the whole idea right?

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