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Holga is finally upgrading its iconic, vintage cameras. The highly anticipated digital version boasts several modern features, such as no film and easy sharing.

“We were inspired by classic Holga camera and wanted to recreate the magical experience of using a Holga with our loved ones. We were also convinced we could enhance this experience by digitalize the original Holga,” explained the brand.

Find out how the Hong Kong-made shooter fits in with your camera collection below.


Instagram-ready Photos

Like the previous versions of the Holga, the digital model is designed to streamline the picture-taking experience. Out of the box, you could point and shoot at your surroundings and generate retro-filtered images instantly. There is no preview display for you to review photos, but you can easily transfer content to an external device using a Wi-Fi SD card or USB cable.

“We designed the Holga Digital for everyone from the first-time Holga user to the photography enthusiast. You’ll be snapping beautiful images in a matter of seconds,” said the company.

There are two frame ratios to choose from, 4:3 or 1:1. Located on the lens, individuals have the option to toggle between F2.8 and F8.0 aperture. Quality-wise, the Holga Digital is capable of dishing out eight-megapixel resolution photos.

For some, controls for the device may seem limited. It is important to consider that the camera isn’t supposed to replace your high-end DSLR. It delivers a nostalgic, fun experience without diving into complex technicalities.



The modern Lo-Fi camera is compatible with numerous common and unique accessories that can help you elevate your shots. Holga manufactures its own lenses, ranging from wide and fisheye to tele and standard. Accessories from the old Holga models are compatible with the digital version. Official hot shoe extensions such as multi-color flash add depth and emotion to your images.

AA batteries are used to power the device. This means you don’t have to carry around heavy rechargeables. When you run out of juice, you could swing by a nearby store, pick up a few battery packs and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

The camera’s casing is very sturdy despite the extra electronic parts inside the unit. Color options include the following: black, white and mixed (a combination of bright retro-toned colors).


Kickstarter Information

The company’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign offers some very enticing deals for people who are interested in ordering a Holga Digital. Early adopters can get one for as low as $57 through the Super Early Bird special. The Holga Classic tier comes with the digital camera and a custom leather strip (costs $70). For single camera packages, adding an extra $5 entitles you to receive an extra Holga Digital Lens Adapter.

Those who are after the limited edition camera will need to pledge towards the Holga Collectors Master Piece option. For $440, the package comes with the golden camera, a bundle of supporting equipment and a special certificate of authenticity.

Early bird orders will ship out on December 2015, while other packages are scheduled for January 2016.

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