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Forget Victoria’s Secret – the real secret is that your choice in bra could determine how fit you are. Hera, a connected smart bra, has finally launched a campaign on Kickstarter and is aiming to provide women with guided workouts to help coach them to better overall fitness. By packing sensors and tech inside a comfortable sports bra, Hera has really tapped into just what it means to be a convenient and useful wearable device that will help women stay in immaculate shape.

As a wearable fitness tracker, Hera offers real-time coaching by directing wearers through their workout. Hera will provide a bevy of metrics using built-in biometric sensors for those who decide to get their fitness on wearing it, including calories burned, heart rate, speed, distance and intensity. Created by luxury bra company Millesia, Hera is also a fashionable and comfortable option for women looking to invest in a wearable that won’t be a burden to wear. And let’s face it, ladies – you’re going to want a bra that supports you in more than one way while working out.

The fitness tracking capabilities of Hera stack up against many other wearables and trackers on the market today. However, as a smart fitness coach, Hera sets itself apart from not only other smart bras, but also most wearables in general. Hera will offer wearers encouragement through their workout and even provide updates on their performance mid-workout. The bra was created to plan out a 10-week workout timeline for wearers, making it a perfect coach for those who struggle with creating, maintaining and sticking to a workout regimen. Those looking to get their hands on Hera can pledge $200 over on their Kickstarter page.

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