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It’s no secret that a lot of fun can be had with drones. You can use the UAV devices to take some stunning aerial dronies. You can get a group of drone owners together and engage in an epic drone race. And now, you can hop on a snowboard, attach a line to your drone and have it propel you through the snow. Introducing the latest drone phenomenon: droneboarding.

In the frigid, snow blanketed tundra of Russia, kids are taking to the streets with their snowboards and drones to engage in some mildly thrilling play. Similar to kiteboarding, droneboarding involves using a snowboard rather than a surfboard, and a drone (obviously) rather than a power kite to be piloted and pulled through your environment. Commercial drones are still relatively small and don’t boast much power, so you’re not going to be hitting daredevil speeds or thrills droneboarding. But still, it’s a perfect pastime for the kiddies.

But for all you adults stuck in arrested development, don’t pout. If you have access to a sizeable quadrocopter, you too can partake in droneboarding. Just be careful to watch out for trees on the black diamond slope. You can check out videos of people both young and old barreling through the snow pulled by their drones below. Hey, anything’s better than those obnoxious hoverboards, am I right?

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