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El Niño is just around the corner, and the last thing you want to do is increase your outdoor activities. That would either cause you to be stuck in treacherous flood waters or face dry spells worse than a mouth full of crackers. If you love cultivating plants, this could be a huge problem. Without a predictable environment to work with, your green friends may not make it to the next harvest or blooming season.

To prevent the inconceivable, you need to take your hobby indoors, where you can nurture and protect your plants from bad weather. Helping you accomplish this feat is Bulbo, a startup that specializes in herbage technology. The Italian business empowers modern growers to engage in micro-scale farming from the comfort of their home.

“Bulbo cultivates the relationship between urban people and nature by raising city dwellers’ awareness of agriculture through an engaging experience. We envision smart and creative solutions for indoor farming in urban environments all year round,” said Lorenzo Antonioni, founder and designer of the company.


Perfect for Urban Growing

Bulbo makes growing indoors possible with strong LED lights that display rays of RWB. Antonioni incorporates artificial light sources with sleek frames that serve as a living room accessory in modern settings. The use of cords to power the system is also minimized, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over the mini-greenhouse in the middle of the night.

Depending on your planting needs, there are several options that you can choose from. The entry-level model, called Cynara, is suitable for one medium-sized crop. Like a lampshade, the light hovers over the pot, where it provides consistent light at 7W (you could also mount the bulb using a rod). That’s about the same power consumption rate as a Wi-Fi router! In case you’re concerned about burning the leaves of your plants, don’t be. The fixture only emits cold light and lasts 40,000 hours, or 12 years, in a single cycle.

For pro-growers, there’s the Quadra. It features a long, white varnished aluminum tray, which accommodates up to four small plants. Unlike the Cynara, this light source consumes roughly 14-21W. The frame is equipped with a height extension up to 50 cm, allowing your flowers to grow fully without obstruction. Individuals who want to embed a growing system in a bookshelf or kitchen counter should consider the Systema. The unit includes a recessed fixture for easy installation, instantly giving the space a natural, built-in look. For plants that rely on a sun cycle, an automatic timer can be configured to mimic the movement of UV rays.


Where Can I Get One?

Individuals who want to get a head start on taking their growing hobby indoors can order the devices online from the Bulbo website. All of the models are controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Notifications of water levels, temperatures and nutrients are pushed out in real-time to help you monitor your garden. Lastly, those who are looking for extra support have the option to participate in the startup’s community of users, growers and fans. With Bulbo, you’ll never again be at the mercy of weather stifling your green thumb.

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