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When it comes to quality home audio, it’s hard to deny the power and verve of Sonos. Their line of top-notch speakers not only boast some of the highest quality on the market, but possess sleek, modern looks that blend well with most home décor. A recent announcement only furthers the allure of Sonos speakers – starting in October, Sonos users will be able to control their devices and speakers directly through Spotify either on their mobile devices or from the desktop application and website. No longer beholden to the Sonos Controller app, this new Spotify compatibility means that Sonos speakers will appear in the Spotify Connect menu for instant pairing, while being able to be easily grouped through the Sonos app.

It’s a bit of a risky move on the part of Sonos, who will essentially be sending their users outside its own app into another service entirely, but it’s hard to deny the power and usage numbers of the music streaming giant that is Spotify. The convenience of being able to connect your speakers and control them through Spotify in order to access your playlists is a gamble that will probably pay off in dividends. Spotify will be able to access your Sonos devices using cellular data connections or Wi-Fi. As for other music streaming services like Apple Music and Pandora, Sonos is looking to bring this “direct control experience” to any service that will partner with them and wants to create this sort of seamless functionality they now possess in tandem with Spotify. Pandora is particularly on board, with early plans to implement Sonos controls in their app as well.

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