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The mystical Slide hoverboard is back.

In the new Lexus clip, pro skater Ross McGouran takes the board for a spin around a skate park.

At the start of the video, McGouran spends a bit of time familiarizing himself with the craft. It looks shaky, unstable and difficult to ride. After a few minor wipeouts, he starts ripping through the obstacles. The unit can sustain 20 minutes of power per shot of liquid nitrogen.

“A skateboard has got resistance. Even with a surfboard, you’ve got the resistance of water,” said David Nordstrom, general manager for global branding at Lexus International in Tokyo. “This is essentially floating on air. If you’ve ever tried to stand on a board, or something on water without any momentum, that’s what this kind of feels like.”


Ramps, bowls, grinds and a shallow pool to reenact the famous Back to the Future scene- he did it all and held nothing back. In the final shot, McGouran attempted to a clear a gap over a Lexus car that was nonchalantly pulling in between the space to raise the difficultly level of the trick.

Overwhelmed by the feat, the pro skater (but hoverboard newbie) didn’t quite stick the landing. But he did clear the obstacle completely, proving that with the Slide, anything is possible.


Magnetic Skate Park

The venue was transformed for the experiment. Endless strips of magnets were installed around the whole park to accommodate the Slide. Just like the Hendo board, which requires thousands of dollars worth of copper platforms to function, the Lexus-branded board flies seamlessly on the magnetic bedding laid out by the company.


Still Not Available

Despite the rapid influx of requests from fans worldwide, Lexus still doesn’t seem to be interested in releasing a line of hoverboards. Many take the video as a sign that the luxury car brand will indeed bring the iconic Back to the Future craft to the present, where it belongs.

“You feel like you’re looking at a magic act,” explained Nordstrom. “People are going to be calling Lexus and saying ‘please build one, how much is it going to cost, we want to have one.’”

To clear the air, here is why the Slide won’t be available any time soon. Lexus officials confirmed that they did not actually make the hoverboard (let that sink in for a minute). A high-profile agency created the ad for the company with help from scientists based in Hamburg, Germany. The mechanics applied to the craft is called maglev technology.

“You couldn’t actually even put a figure on it,” highlighted Yolande Waldock, leader of global brand team for Lexus International. “It’s impossible to put a figure on it.”

Nevertheless, the exclusive hoverboard was still amazing to watch. Seeing someone ride it in an urban setting, and not in a secret, dark warehouse, brought in some very relatable elements to the clip. Lexus raised the bar pretty high with this one. Can’t wait to see what the group has in store for the next installment in the Slide series.

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