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Music’s biggest night is fast approaching – the 58th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast on February 15 and feature performances from some of the past year’s most noteworthy artists, including Adele, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Anybody who’s ever watched the Grammy’s knows that its more about the show-stopping performances than the actual awards given out, but this year, that might all change as the golden gramophone trophy is undergoing a serious tech makeover.

Winners at this year’s Grammy’s will be given an award with a GoPro action camera built into the base of the trophy to capture the sights and sounds from the perspective and mindset of a new-fangled Grammy winner. This extremely 2016 award is dubbed the “Grammycam” and will live stream the awards show as the winners see and experience it first-hand, letting viewers live vicariously through a rock star’s moment of glory by getting a front seat view of what’s it like to be adored and bestowed an accolade by your peers and admirers.

Boasting a disassembled GoPro stripped of its body, the Grammycam will be capable of wirelessly streaming video it captures using the GoPro lens through a radio frequency to a broadcast truck where it will be available through the Grammy Live Internet stream. The battery-powered novelty is just for show, however. During award show telecasts, winners are often given stand-in trophies until a proper trophy with their name engraved into it is shipped to them afterwards. The same will prove true here – the Grammycam will be an award for the show’s purposes, and winners will get their actual Grammy, GoPro camera excluded, mailed to them later.

The Grammycam experiment could be a great way to enliven awards shows, which most people find to be tediously stuffy and drawn out. The Grammy’s have normally avoided this criticism due to the musical performances that dominate the telecast, but if the Grammycam proves successful in capturing some great POV footage from the stars and winners, it’s easy to see the same approach and tech being incorporated into other awards. Most of us will probably never be fortunate enough to win some sweet golden hardware in our mediocre lives, but the Grammycam could be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing what it really looks like to be a winner.

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