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GoPro has unveiled a virtual reality camera rig set to give action photographers and videographers a chance to send their creations into another realm, so to speak. Dubbed the Omni, the rig looks like a hollowed-out cube with attachments on all six sides that will hold GoPro Hero4 cameras. When six cameras are put together and equipped inside of the rig, it creates a single, 360-degree video.

As with most things GoPro does, this virtual reality camera rig will undoubtedly be marketed to the more mainstream consumer, rather than professional filmmakers who most likely already have access and the funds to afford virtual reality rigs. In fact, GoPro already has a “professional” VR rig on the market: the Odyssey. That bad boy comes with a whopping 16 Hero4 Black cameras and will cost you a hefty $15,000. Omni will most likely be the more affordable, approachable VR camera rig for the average consumer. There’s no official price tag for the Omni yet, but since it holds six Hero4 cameras, that’s already $2,500.

GoPro’s Omni VR rig is a big boon to the 360-degree video realm. While other cameras and rigs outfitted for virtual reality and 360-degree footage are on the market, the video quality for most is abysmal. With GoPro entering the fold, quality issues should be negated and the prospect of watching some sweet 360-degree footage taken by GoPro’s resoundingly reliable cameras is something to anticipate. Keep a lookout for the Omni to get more exposure in the coming weeks, starting with a presentation at the NAB video production trade show. This is definitely a space all videographers, filmmakers, GoPro fanatics and virtual reality obsessives should be watching.

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