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Just get ready for work, work, work, work, work, robots of the world! Google’s Schaft robotics recently unveiled and showed off a bipedal, automaton robot at the New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo. This robot was built to perform, and essentially replace, humans in manual labor situations. A video shows the fairly unthreatening – and honestly kinda cute – robot walking in a number of different environments like the snow, a beach and rocky terrain, with surprising poise and ambulatory prowess. The dastardly filmmakers tried their best to trip up the robot’s impressive walking motions by rolling obstacles into its path, but the robot prevailed and stayed upright.

The ease with which the robot can navigate treacherous terrain is all the more astonishing when it was shown it could handle these environments while carrying heavy loads. This application could prove useful as a machine that can conduct manual labor that might be too dangerous or taxing for humans, a harbinger of the future where robots replace humans for jobs. And honestly, what’s wrong with letting a robot take over the grunt work and carry around hefty items? Not only would it cut down on the strain humans face when doing these activities, but it would free people up to perform more creative, thoughtful tasks outside of physical ones. Check out the two-legged robot walk like a pro in the video below.

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