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The world’s most controversial inventions were inspired by everyday objects. Apple looked to a cardboard juice box to enhance its portable iPod design. The inception of the first vehicle came to life after car makers obsessed over the riding capabilities of horses. Now Google hopes to incorporate the same level of inspiration with the release of the My Edit Kit.

From a distance, the device looks like your typical notepad. The only giveaway that it could be something more is a long cord that connects from the bottom of the pad to a computer. Google didn’t create the modern marketing tool alone. MultiAdaptor, a London-based advertising firm, helped develop the company’s throwback gadget for productive gurus. Under the guidance of Roland Ellis, a leading industrial designer, the team was able to produce the workbook of the future.

“Our notepad had to be compact and convincing,” said MultiAdaptor. “Conductive ink allowed us to interface with digital content using a pencil, but we wanted to avoid the expected ‘R&D’ aesthetic of cables and circuitry, and create something more simple and human.”


What does it do?

The My Edit Kit connects the analog workspace to the digital world. After plugging it into your computer, you can use it like a normal notebook. To start working on a specific task, like increasing brand awareness or configuring visitor analytics, you’ll have to tick the selection with a check mark. This will trigger the pad to open Think With Google, a service that helps businesses discover new insights and industry trends. If you followed the steps correctly, you should see actionable results that can help you accomplish your task.

Under the pad, you’ll find a series of complex circuits that are linked together seamlessly with glue. The service only works if you’re using a penci, because it uses the conductive material at the tip of the writing tool to interact with the hidden Arduino board. If you’ve ever used the IFTTT app, you should be able to grasp the mechanics of the gadget quickly. When you’re done with the list, simply tear off the page and carry on with the rest of the day. You could also share your list instantly through your browser, or save it for later in case you need to move on to a different task.


A Step in the Right Direction

Is this an ideal replacement for your trusty tablet? Probably not. The technology seems limited for now, but it is very promising, even in its infancy. “The digital experience is also designed to reflect the Google brand – something simple and helpful, but playful and innovative too,” highlighted MultiAdaptor. What you’re actually seeing are hints of a powerful, game-changing device in the early stages of development. Google is known for releasing bare gadgets that serve limited functions for people to customize as their own. The Google Cardboard for example, was an instant hit for virtual reality enthusiasts. Through the stripped down headset, the tech brand brought the VR experience to a number of eager households worldwide. My Edit Kit appears to be keeping Google’s insistence of making their products customizable alive and well.

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