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Hey, wouldn’t it be like totally awesome sauce if there were an app that not only promoted and helped you live an eco-friendly lifestyle in efforts to save the planet, but it paid you to do so? This question is rhetorical, suckers, because that app does exist! OhmConnect is a wet dream come true for environmental and app fanatics alike by paying you every week to reduce your electricity consumption.

Making money has never been this easy or beneficial. To start raking in the dough, download the OhmConnect app and connect your online utility account so it can access your smart meter data to measure and pay for your reductions. Currently, OhmConnect is only available to customers with utility accounts at PG&E, Southern California Edison and SDGE. But you know what they say, what happens in California normally spreads to the rest of the country, and if OhmConnect really takes off in the Golden State, outward expansion seems like a given.

The app will send users notifications when they’re using dirty and expensive energy and suggests you only reduce your electricity use by a mere 30 minutes in order to start earning. These notifications target what’s known as an OhmHour where once or twice a week, a local power plant that produces up to 3x the carbon emissions of a typical power plant turns on, contaminating local communities with its pollution. These dirty power plants throughout the grid produce enough electricity to meet consumer demand, calculated by the average historical use of the area.

Welcome to OhmConnect from Ohmconnect on Vimeo.
OhmConnect thinks it makes way more sense to pay people to use less energy than to pay polluted power plants to create more. When you reduce electric consumption, your reductions get sold back to the grid, keeping dirty, local power plants turned off and enabling the app to reward your savings with stone cold cash.

Depending on how much energy you save, you could earn up to $150 a year. Sure, it’s not a fortune, but it’s extra money earned simply by flipping a switch and keeping a lamp or two off for 30 extra minutes. You could pay for all the amazing scented candles you use as a light source during that half hour with that money. OhmConnect also allows you to donate the earnings you made to a non-profit or charity of your choice for all you altruistic planet-savers out there.

Bottom line: if you like making money, reducing pollution and saving the planet, OhmConnect should be a no-brainer. If you don’t, you’re weird and there’s no reasoning with you. That’s fine; just don’t expect to be reaping the monetary benefits of my energy reduction. Oh, and you’re welcome for me helping save the planet you live on.

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