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With a name like VR Party, you know it’s going to be a party in the front AND the back! Born out of the Disrupt NY Hackathon, VR Party was conceived in 12 hours when Andre Smith, co-founder of software development firm Suitefolio had a chance encounter with marketer Pocket Silbermintz. You see, Smith knew he wanted to do something show stopping with motion capture technology and virtual reality for this year’s Hackathon, but the idea well was running dry. It wasn’t until Silbermintz told him to consider merging VR with the social that Smith had the epiphany that would become VR Party.

Similar to the now defunct, VR Party is social DJ clubbing experience that takes place inside virtual reality. By combining virtual reality with a social music service model, VR Party was a banger at Hackathon. inspired the two due to its social and immersive capabilities, which facilitated interactive experiences that were technically passive, but extremely social in nature. VR Party makes use of a motion tracking PMD sensor and a Samsung Gear VR headset, allowing up to four users to become the makeshift DJs of a virtual club while other users dance it out all night long. The motion detection software enables users to mix records on the spot. Smith and Silbermintz plan to continue developing VR Party through Suitefolio, turning it more into a game with a built-in ranking system.

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