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In order to get the most out of your skateboard, you need music. Riding to your favorite tracks while cruising around the city can be a liberating, memorable experience. Using a pair of headphones is the only thing that’s stopping you from making the trip worthwhile. Long wires can easily get tangled around your fingers and clothes, which can limit and restrict your movements on the board.

Helping solve this worldwide problem is Globe. The Melbourne, Australia-based company was founded by Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill, brothers with decades of professional experience in upbeat skateboard design and technology. Their latest offerings, the GSB Pinner and the GSB Blazer, feature a cutting-edge deck with a built-in wireless speaker. The group worked closely with Boombotix, a San Francisco-based speaker manufacturer, to incorporate the feature in the skateboards without obstructing the frame.

“Riding around with headphones on while you’re cruising the roads can be dangerous — who knows what you aren’t hearing. So instead of drowning your ears in sound, unable to hear the world around you, check out the GLB-GSB Blazer, the world’s first Bluetooth speaker board,” wrote Bobby Bernstein from Hi Consumption.


Tech Specs

The GSB Pinner is the longboard version that measures 41.25 inches, while the GSB Blazer is the mini-cruiserboard model that extends 26 inches (both support wireless music playback). Under the board, you’ll find a 50mm driver Bluetooth speaker. Located at the center, the circular piece is water resistant, dust proof and resistant to standard impact. On full blast, the music shoots upwards from your feet, allowing you to hear it over the sounds of the city. To connect to the speaker, you’ll need to pair it with your mobile device. LED lights found under the deck signals the unit’s availability for pairing. A flashing blue light indicates that it’s selectable on the Bluetooth-capable device.

The rechargeable battery that powers the speakers lasts roughly two hours on full volume. At 70 percent volume, the speakers can last up to six hours. Charging the battery is done using a six-inch USB cable, which comes with the board. The process takes around three hours to reach a full charge. It’s important to consider that the base of the speaker slightly sticks out under the deck. Even though the board is water resistant, it’s probably not a good idea to ride over deep puddles. Keeping the deck dry is essential to keeping the music playing smoothly.


Pricing and Ordering Information

The GSB Blazer features a retro design with white and orange wheels, and a loud, teal deck. Those who are interested in the larger, flashier GSB Pinner should know that the board boasts a gnarly brown deck and translucent wheels. The first is priced at $250, while the latter costs $300. Both skateboards are out on limited release, making them a rare item and a treat for those who are able to get their hands on one. If the board isn’t available at your local skate shop, you can order it online via the Globe Brand website.

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